Providing affordable housing solutions for Tompkins County

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

When I became the Executive Director of Better Housing for Tompkins County I didn’t know much about the organization. WOW! It is a great little organization that’s been doing BIG things for rural poor families and seniors for 33 years! It is, in fact, the only organization in Tompkins County devoted solely to addressing the housing needs of rural poor people. There are long waiting lists for our programs that provide counseling and down payment subsidies for low-income first time homebuyers.  Same for our handyman program that sends our own senior staff carpenter to the homes of low-income seniors to do minor repairs. Same for our grants and loans for major systems like septic and wells and roofs.

All these programs have much more NEED than we have FUNDS.  Better Housing has a long history of successfully obtaining state and federal funds, as well as grants from local foundations. We’re competitive because we have really good outcomes. Last year 80 families took part in our homebuyer workshops and 10 of these purchased homes with our assistance; 102 elderly homeowners received repairs from our handyman; 30 homeowners received major repairs.  Over the years 4,000 homes have been repaired and rehabilitated and 350 families purchased their first homes.

For a small organization these outcomes are remarkable! I’m making this personal appeal to you because I can guarantee that your funds will be used directly to help more low-income seniors and families. Please take 4 minutes to watch our video and make a contribution …in any amount. Thank you much!



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